With our prayers for the fallen…


Watch on, noble one. (photo by Frank Glick)

I hope everyone had a safe weekend, and that you were able to celebrate freedom among your family and friends. Thing 1 rode her bike without training wheels for the first time today, we cooked out, worked in the garden, and just enjoyed a lovely weekend.

I never forget that there are families whose day is marked with an unfillable hole, because their loved one paid the ultimate sacrifice so that this incredible experiment called America could continue. I have, and will continue to share the important meaning of this day with my children, so that they can one day appreciate just what a gift that is.

Our heartfelt thanks and prayers.

(for the backstory on the above photo, click here)



  1. Andrew Widener says:

    Great write up Clay. More need to think like that…

    1. Thanks Andy, and thank you for your service buddy. I hope you swing down the the Smokies soon. I still owe you a better day than I showed you last fall.

      While I am evolving towards a less interventionist foreign policy in my own personal views, I respect those who answered the call – both voluntary and “volunteered”. The freedoms I enjoy were paid for in blood, and I do not forget it.

  2. Andrew Widener says:

    I’d love to fish the smokies soon. I agree with what you are saying Clay, war is horrible and I pray it all stops but this world is a sh*t sandwich and it’s only inevitable it will continue…

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With our prayers for the fallen…

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