Zombie-knife ban lands UK teen in jail.

 “You were in possession of a zombie knife – it’s a frightening and a clearly offensive weapon.”
“You discarded it out of sight but it was found.”
“You must have carried that knife for some time.”
“You claimed, to a probation officer, you had it for your own protection.”
“I take a very serious view of this – knives kill.” – Judge Philip Head (U.K.)

The above was the judge’s statement as he sentenced 19 year-old Samuel Otaru to 9 months for possession of this “frightening weapon”

I want to know how he was carrying the knife prior to trying to ditch it. It is pretty hard to conceal an 18″ piece of Pakistani car bumper.

The judge might want to check his statistics though. Kitchen knives are most frequently used in stabbings both in and outside the home.

We have covered the UK ban on “zombie-knives” . Why they fetishize these pieces of mall-ninja crap boggles my mind.

From a companion piece to the one above:

“Possession of a knife is considered all the more serious in law if it is made specifically to cause injury. There can be no doubt that a zombie knife like the one carried by this defendant has only one purpose, so we have presented this case to the court as one of the utmost seriousness.

“There is no legal justification for carrying a knife such as this and the CPS will continue to work with the police and our communities to prosecute those who do decide to carry them to prevent further harm to our community.”

The stupid burns.


  1. Todd Knowles says:

    I’d rather be dead than a subject of the ‘queen’.

  2. Brad Griffin says:

    That’s not a knife… ’nuff said.

  3. Carol says:

    Meh, I could chew a handful of iron filings and spit out a better knife than that poor excuse…

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Zombie-knife ban lands UK teen in jail.

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