ZOMG! See the “Terrifying Looking Knives” confiscated by police in Merseyside, UK

This karambit is a “Terrifying Knife”

While it is amusing on its surface, UK hoplophobia is really quite sad. It is a country that once was worthy of the title “Great Britain”, but the folks who survived the Blitz with a stiff upper-lip are all but gone now, replaced by generations of somewhat lesser stuff. The Liverpool Echo ran a feature on the ” terrifying looking knives ” that Police have removed from the streets of Merseyside, UK.

With the exception of what looks to be a cutlass of some sort, most of these knives are completely utilitarian, and so ubiquitous as to make prohibition a fantasy. Even in the case of the cutlass, the context and character of the wielder determine whether or not I find it terrifying.


This “terrifying looking knife” netted the perp a 6 month sentence.


From Liverpool Echo:

These horrifying photos show the deadly knives that have been carried on the streets of Merseyside.

Teenagers as young as 15 were caught with lethal weapons ranging from knives resembling samurai swords to those with serrated edges.

Merseyside Police tweeted pictures of just some of the weapons they have seized.

A 15-year-old youth from Billinge was arrested on Mischief Night after he was found in possession of this knife after police chased a group of youths for letting off fireworks.


Utility Knife

Seriously? You aren’t even trying anymore.

The article continues:

“We routinely carry out test purchases at shops to ensure retailers take a responsible approach to selling knives and we use knife arches, knife wands and stop-search tactics as a deterrent to stop people of all ages carrying them.

“A change in the law means that anyone aged 16-17 years of aged who is convicted of possessing a knife for a second time automatically receives a detention and training order of at least four months. For anyone aged 18 years or over they will receive a prison sentence of at least six months.

Sounds like a delightful place to live.



OK, this is not your everyday Everyday Carry.


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Yes, that is a stick. God Save the Queen.


  1. Sam L. says:

    As I understand it, in England, if your domicile is invaded, and you fight back, YOU will be arrested, not the invader. I suspect if you are attacked outside your domicile, fighting back will also get you arrested.

    1. Bob says:

      That is not 100% true, fighting back in itself is not illegal BUT for example a guy recently had his house invaded and he shot the intruders with a shotgun. Now guns are not exactly illegal in the UK but this person was not licensed to have one so the gun was illegal. Also as the gun was illegal, it was illegal to use it for self defense so that was what he was charged with, using a non-registered illegal gun to shoot someone. Now the person died so he was charged with murder also because the firearm he used was illegal due to it not being registered so the act of shooting him, resulting in his death was also illegal.

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ZOMG! See the “Terrifying Looking Knives” confiscated by police in Merseyside, UK

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